How to solve other problems with grains of barley and eyelid

As a teenager, I remember often seemed at the beginning of problems with my eyes in the form of pig housing. It was not as much as it seemed, was more the fact that they are sometimes inconvenient.

I think like most people, even if we are still a bit 'old houses pigs are an affliction that has grown for some reason. Perhaps it is less confused about transferring to close our fingers to our eyes and germs. Or, as you get older the tiny glands at the eyelid margin, based on aEyelash doesn `t infected so often for some reason. The usual bacteria that causes the infection, staphylococcus.

barley grains appear as small, the red knot, which is often a bit 'painful. Often they are filled with yellow pus point. Even flashing can cause pain, especially as the stye grows larger.

Good hygiene is for those who suffer from major pig housing. The infection is usually apparent after a few days. alleviated with the eye are nowApply a poultice, as a washcloth or tissue soaked in hot water several times a day on the affected area to remove the pus.

Not a good idea to try to squeeze the pus of himself to the outbreak of the pig sty, but let it happen naturally. It 'also very important to spread the infection to other eye. Dirtying your hands, and do not touch one eye then the other.

A stye that is persistent, can be treated with antibiotic ointment. IfStyes often repeated that it would be best to consult your doctor or optometrist, then the problem can be further investigated. In rare cases it may be necessary in a large pig farm is the doctor who performed under local anesthesia to drain.

Prevention is better than cure and to prevent sties is back, it is good to keep clean around the edges of the eyelids, removing scabs or viscosity.

Another annoying problem with the eyelids can be caused by conjunctivitis.Here is an inflammation of the membrane, the whites of the eyes and the inside of the eyelid experiencing this.

There are three situations that can cause conjunctivitis.

Allergic – This can also cosmetic triggered by pollen, dust mites o.

Chemistry – where there is a reaction to chemicals used for things such as chlorinated water (found in many swimming pools), or smoke or vapors.

Infectious – the spread of bacteria fromOr skin diseases. also activate the cold virus can conjunctivitis.

Ideally, once the cause of your pink eye you will be able to avoid them is identified. But this is not always possible. If the cause of a virus infection, the body's immune system to repel the attack.

If the cause is down to bacteria, it may be advisable to use antibiotic drops to clear it.

Remove any discharge from the eye bath with boiledThe water is cold, then dry with a disposable towel. As for any problems with eyelid hygiene is so important to avoid sharing a towel or you'll destroy anyone else catch your germs.